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Treasure Chest
The Treasure Chest Diamond Story

In 1948, gemological research was in its infancy. While jewelers recognized that the skill of the cutter determined up to 60% of the value of the diamond and 100% of the sparkle, the ability for the consumer to compare diamonds was limited. That year, Michaels Jewelers introduced "Treasure Chest” diamonds with the assurance that they would always represent the finest cut diamonds in the world and have superior light performance when compared to any other diamonds. A century of experience, trust and professionalism is incorporated into every diamond, hand chosen by our experts. It begins with our exclusive relationship with the best cutters in the world that cut from only 1% of the finest diamonds they receive. Michaels provided the customer further peace of mind by guaranteeing the grading on all of its diamonds. Including color, clarity, and of course the most important component, cut.This guarantee now extends to the value proposition with Michaels 120% price guarantee on all Treasure Chest Diamonds.

Michaels has always maintained a best in class philosophy and offer our customers the opportunity to build their dream ring to be as unique as their story is. Whether you work with our specialists to design your ring or have seen it and want to recreate it; Michaels can bring any design to life with our Treasure Chest Diamonds.

Treasure Chest Ideal

This diamond receives the highest possible cut grade from the world’s most scientifically vetted laboratory the American Gem Society Laboratory. It is ideal in proportions, ideal in polish, ideal in symmetry, and ideal in light performance. The coveted AGS platinum grading report is combined with the optimal alignment demonstrated by the hearts and arrows pattern. The Treasure Chest Ideal will simply outshine all the others

Treasure Chest Hearts & Arrows

Treasure Chest Hearts & Arrows maintains the standard of superior alignment of the Treasure Chest Ideal. This more affordable option comes with the AGS platinum report and you are guaranteed that every aspect of the cut grade will be very good or better

Treasure Chest Ideal Princes Cut & Cushion Cut

The princess cut is recognized as the most brilliant of the fancy shaped diamonds. After decades of research and refinement we can now offer our customers a princess cut that receives the highest possible cut grade from the American Gem Society Ideal Light Performance, Ideal Polish and Ideal Symmetry. The Treasure Chest Cushion is the only cushion cut on the market cut specifically for brilliance. It is backed with the AGS grading report and Michaels’ exclusive Love for Life Guarantee

Treasure Chest  89

The Treasure Chest 89 Diamond has 89 facets versus the traditional 58 facets of a round brilliant cut diamond. The facet arrangement masks natural inclusions that might otherwise hinder a diamond’s light performance. This light dispersion creates the absolute maximum brilliance and sparkle in the Treasure Chest 89 Diamond. The architecture of this diamond reduces light leakage to an absolute minimum. This beautiful pattern creates prisms of light which is what the eye sees as scintillation. In return, the Treasure Chest 89 Diamond appears to be a higher color and better clarity than and ordinary round brilliant diamond.

Treasure Chest Wedding Bands

All of our wedding bands have diamonds that are perfectly matched for cut, color and clarity. We carry different total weights and qualities, including our precision Hearts & Arrows, to meet any budget. We can make any design in Platinum, 14kt Gold and modify to fit any engagement ring

Treasure Chest Jewelry

We have partnered with some of the finest designers in the world to create a full line of Treasure Chest Jewelry. Crafted from the finest materials, using the best artisans these pieces feature the Treasure Chest Hearts & Arrows diamonds. Every diamond .002ct (2/100th of a carat) and larger are guaranteed to be cut to the "Treasure Chest” standard. Every diamond is calibrated to 1/100th of a mm. and perfectly matched for clarity and color

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