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March 10th, 2018 was a windy, cold, crisp day at Cape Cod... course it was right after they had a horrible storm and we wouldn't know what would be left of the Cape! Scott and Alyssa (& Sophie the pup) made a trip that weekend to get away with their friends, Kelly & Brad. It eventually became a quick tradition that the 4 of them would go there together to escape for a little. Which also led into being a very special place for Scott and Alyssa. The Cape was their first getaway together, but most importantly, where they exchanged "I love you's" & from there, it meant so much to them. But this time was going to be that much more special...Though, Alyssa had her suspicions, we were all on the beach, Sophie having a ball in the sand... We needed a family photo - regardless of the wind. Thankfully, Kelly knew the drill and before Alyssa knew it, Scott was down on one knee asking Alyssa to marry him and be his best friend for life! Obviously, she said "of course!" Poor Sophie thought the ring was a treat. It was so windy and so cold, but with knowing what was about to be forever, warmed each other with overwhelming love and happiness. 

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