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Marcos and I actually met online. At first I was not sure about him but he was very persistent. Nevertheless we went on a day and I told him that it would take 10 dates for a kiss. I tell you that man was in love and determined. He took my to Target, the Starbucks at Target and out to dinner for what he claims a total of 3 dates. Before we were together I was in a very toxic relationship for 7 years and he not only brought much needed happiness but has been patient, loving and kind throughout the process. We are best friends. ❤️ Marcos actually proposed to me on 2/14 he made the decision a couple hours before going to Michael’s Jewelers in Meriden CT where sales person Mary helped him pick the best (but last minute) ring. When I went to see Mary the next day she was very loving and loved our love story. He is just the best!

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