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Our love story began in the halls of Brookfield High School in 2009. We had known each other since 3rd grade; we went through high school, college, and grad school together. On March 11, 2017, DJ had told me his sisters wanted to take "family photos" to give to his dad as a birthday gift. Knowing it was below zero outside, and it had just snowed the day before, I got bundled up and just went with the flow. Little did I know it would be the best day of my life (so far!).He planned to pick me up from my house and "meet the family" at Lovers Leap, a beautiful hiking ground that has a huge cliff and view of a lake at the top. After we had parked, we began our hike up the mountain "to meet up with the rest of his family". On the way up the snowy mountain, I noticed roses were places sporadically on the ground. After picking one up, each one had read a reason why DJ loved me.

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