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From New York to Greece my fiance Joe held on to the ring in his carryon till he found this picture perfect location to pop the question. At one point, Joe almost had a Meet The Parents movie moment when the airline told him to check his carryon which had the ring inside. Luckily, Joe was able to take the ring out without me noticing, so the disaster was averted! When Joe decided to ask the question, he was so nervous that when he went down on one kneel he didn't know he as actually only eye level with me since Santorini is on a cliff. Before Joe could even say one word that registered with me, I saw the ring and immediately snatched it out of Joe's hand, not giving him a chance to place the beautiful ring he picked out by himself on my finger. I certainly did not know what he was saying and to this day, I never said yes to the question, will you marry me? The snatching of the ring saying MINE, was all he needed as my answer.

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