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My fiancé and I met in the operating room where we both work. The interesting part of our story is that my fiancé a jersey girl and myself a Long Island boy happened to choose this hospital in Connecticut to work at. The only thing that brought us here was school and job opportunity. I knew that she was the one from the moment we met. After a year of dating I wanted her to feel like she would be mine for ever, so I got on one knee and asked her to take the next step In life with me.
Sage and I met as teenagers and I immediately knew he was different. He was warm, genuine, and respectful. Our relationship has survived me going away for college and many other challenges throughout the years, but the important thing is that we’ve always been there for each other. Fast forward 12 years to a cloudy autumn day on a walk with our dog at Topsmead State Park, and Sage proposed to me!
My fiance and I will be celebrating our 9 year anniversary on the 26th of March. We met while hooking up our two best friends who didn't hit it off. From that day forth we hit it off instead and have been inseparable since that day. We both are so excited to be getting married on September 6, 2020. My fiance is my best friend and the best thing that has ever happened to me. Our bond is so strong and I'm so grateful and am the luckiest girl in the world. I can't wait to marry the love of my life.
Adam and I met back in 2006 when he was a junior at Sacred Heart and I was a sophomore. I had such a crush on the *older badboy* while he *thought* he was too cool for a girl younger than him. Although there may have been some close encounters , we ended up both going our separate ways. It wasn’t until almost 9 years (with absolutely no run-ins) later when I opened up my Facebook page to see a message from the infamous Adam Michaud.
Kory and I were on a family trip at Disney world for his brothers wedding. The morning after the wedding,Kory woke me up to go for a walk around The Wilderness Lodge Resort. He brought me to the bridge in front of the waterfall and got down on one knee. His brother, his new wife (my best friend), my mom and my sister (flew down just for this) were at the top of the waterfall look our area surprising me that they got to witness the proposal.
Marie and I met on bumble, she had to make the first move. She stayed with me even though the dog in my picture wasn’t mine, though I want one and we are going to get one soon! We have opened each other up to new adventures and exciting opportunities in the past 2 years and can not wait to spend the rest of our lives with each other. I proposed in New York City at Bryant park in front of the big Christmas tree due to our love of the Christmas season.
Mike and I were vacationing in Ireland this past summer just because! We made a pact to start traveling more together and seeing everything we want now while we are still young and without children. We both had never been to Ireland before so we decided it was a great opportunity to check it off our bucket list! One day on our trip, we decided to go see the famous Cliff’s of Moher.
Giovanni and I met through a mutual friend. Giovanni's kind heart is what drew me in. Gio knew it would only be right and special to go to Michaels for my engagement ring as my dad went to Michaels 30 years ago for my moms! Michaels has been apart of many special moments in our families lives.
From New York to Greece my fiance Joe held on to the ring in his carryon till he found this picture perfect location to pop the question. At one point, Joe almost had a Meet The Parents movie moment when the airline told him to check his carryon which had the ring inside. Luckily, Joe was able to take the ring out without me noticing, so the disaster was averted!
Like two ships passing in the night, we swiped right and met on Tinder in 2015. However unromantic meeting through an app may be, our first date still set the tone for romance. We drove to scenic Kent Falls in my PT Cruiser (the kind with wood panels — it’s really quite a looker) and after a short hike, split a pizza at a local shop and ended the night listening to a Beatles cover album.

Fast forward to October 2018 – unbeknownst to me, John contacted Micheal's Jewelers
After dating for a year, we decided it was time to take the plunge. Rather than have my fiancé try to pick out a ring on his own, we decided it would be something we did together. We got our ring custom made at Michael’s and it was a perfect experience! The process of designing the ring together was so magical, and when it was finally we done my fiancé was so excited he proposed the next day. I was so happy that this was an experience we could share together.
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