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Carlos and I (Eryka) met when we were 18 years old in church. He always says he saw an angel walk through the doors that day. Carlos and I became good friends and finished off our senior year of high school getting to know each other. He asked me to senior prom, which I call our first date, and we have the most amazing time. Though we were teenagers, when we slow danced and he held me close, I knew he was worth getting to know more. We spent a lot of time together and eventually started dating on 8/13/11. Over the years we have had so many adventures, from our first vacation together, to our first cruise, to family reunions and so much more. On 12/23/17, he planned for us to go to NYC to see the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center, it was our yearly tradition. When we arrived, he said I have a surprise, you know the horse and carriage ride you have always wanted to do? Well we are doing it tonight. We then walked to Central Park and began our ride. It was the most peaceful and beautiful time. We stopped at Cherry Hill Fountain to take photos. I was oblivious to what was going on and was looking around at the scenery when I turned around and he was on one knee. In complete shock, I cried and just looked into his eyes. I couldn't believe that this was it, it was our moment, our big step for the future and most of all, I couldn't believe he chose me. I felt an immense amount of love and said yes many, many times. It was the most beautiful time of our lives, a moment we will never forget!

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