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We know that there comes a time when specific jewelry items are no longer needed or wanted, whether it’s due to styles changing, tastes changing or priorities changing. Let us help you. Michaels Jewelers has become the prominent estate jeweler in the country because of our reputation for fairness and honesty. We know this market very well, and with 10 locations, we have many avenues to sell pre-owned antique and estate jewelry. To you, our customer, it’s more important to get the best price than a quick, liquidation payment that may not be the correct value. We will always make sure that your experience with selling your jewelry to us will be pleasant.

Trusted Estate Jewelry buyers for over 130 years

Why Sell To Michaels?

We have Professional Certified Gemologists. This title is one of the most highly regarded among peers in the jewelry industry. Why? Because it certifies that this person can identify diamonds, gemstones, and jewelry and determine their value. This title requires advanced training and experience in determining the value of diamonds and gemstones


Over 130 years and five generations of Michaels family owners with 10 locations throughout Connecticut, Michaels Jewelers is one of the state's leading merchants of diamonds and fine jewelry and is a family-run business whose tradition spans over five generations


Highest prices paid for precious metals, antique and estate jewelry, watches and silver
• Immediate payments made
• No obligation to sell


No Middleman!
We always need fine quality antique and estate jewelry, diamonds, watches and silver for our customers. We don’t need to call in outside buyers to buy your items. We are professionals with many years of experience and understand the market and what is the right value for your jewelry.


Please fill out the form to the right and it will be sent to our Estate Buying Division at

Enter all sizes, weights, qualities, and any other pertinent information for every item you are interested in selling. Please give us any appraisal or sales information and attach photos when possible.


We will review the information you submitted and reply to you within 24 hours with a range that we will pay you based on the information you submitted. Once we have a tentative agreement, we will discuss shipping arrangements.

If you would like to talk to us personally, you may phone us at (203) 597-4901, Monday — Friday, 8:30 AM until 5:00 PM EST.


Contact us to set up private appointments for larger estates or high end jewelry items. 


References available upon request.

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