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After changing jobs in 2016, I started working (indirectly) with my fiance at a pharmaceutical company in New York. After a few months of dedicated and relentless pursuit, my fiance finally agreed to give me a chance and it was an instant connection. Our similar morals, values, and work ethic aligned more than any person I have ever dated or could have ever wished for. 

The only problem was...we no longer worked indirectly together, but rather now worked directly with each other - therefore, needed to keep our new relationship a secret until it became more serious. From strategically ending up in the same conference room together, driving in together in the early morning hours and trying not to look at each other directly during meetings at the mere chance we would smile affectionately at one another, we managed to keep our relationship a secret until we knew it was a more permanent thing. 

I worked with Michaels to custom design a truly unique engagement ring and proposed to my fiance in front of her family at the Big Y carnival, which interestingly I have never heard of since I am from NY but turned out to be the perfect place! Our family, friends and coworkers couldn't be more excited for us and we hope to win this contest to pair the wedding band with the amazing engagement ring we already have from Michaels!

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