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Serving Our Community

Michaels Jewelers is not only committed to offering you fine, quality products; we are also committed to serving the community. We at Michaels believe in giving something back.

Michaels Achievement Cup

Michaels Jewelers is the proud corporate sponsor of this awards program that recognizes excellence and achievement in overall high school athletics throughout Connecticut. 

Excellence In Overall High School Athletic Programs

A committee comprised of representatives from the Connecticut High School Hall of Fame, the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference (CIAC), the Connecticut High School Coaches Association (CHSCA), The Connecticut Association of Athletic Directors (CAAD), the Connecticut Sports Writers' Alliance and Michaels Jewelers (corporate sponsor), manages a program to select in each of six divisions of all Connecticut public and parochial high schools those with the most outstanding athletic programs. The committee meets quarterly to respond to special concerns, evaluate the program and provide effective communication to all concerned. The six divisions are Class LL, L (Large), MM, M (Medium) and SS, S (Small) as defined by the CIAC's membership directory an Urban school division and Technical School Division also are recognized.


Criteria for the awards is derived from two sources: questionnaires returned by participating schools and information (provided by the schools) from CASS-CIAC. Information requested from the schools directly includes won-lost-tied records in each varsity level CIAC approved sport, and the answers to a series of questions in the areas of drug/alcohol education and attitudes, sportsmanship and scholarship. Information obtained from the CIAC deals with student participation and student enrollment as well as the basic list of schools from which the six divisional categories (Classes LL, L, MM, M, SS, and S) derive.


Information obtained is processed according to a formula agreed upon by members of the Achievement Cup Committee and reduced to computer language. The formula is as follows:


Won-lost-tied percentage is worth 40% of the total points


Participation is worth 30%


The question areas of scholarship, sportsmanship, and drug/alcohol education are all worth 10% a piece


Awards are presented in April at the Connecticut Sports Writers Gold Key Dinner held in April, the divisional winners receive engraved bowls and places 2 and 3 receive mini engraved bowls. A replica of the Michaels Achievement Cup, permanently on display at the Connecticut Coaches Hall of Fame at Renchler Field, is presented to the overall winner. Plaques are sent to each school participating in the program, with merit award presented to outstanding schools in the various categories. The top 10 of each division receive a certificate acknowledging 1st, 2nd, 3rd and the top 10. Each school that scores in the top 10% for excellence in overall participation, chemical free programs, scholastic support and recognition, or sportsmanship programs receive a separate certificate.


In 1999, after three years of study, the committee determined that due to the many and significant differences between city and technical schools vs. other schools, a separate competition and recognition should be instituted. In addition to competing on the basis of size, these schools will be able to compete among their peers for recognition in two new divisions with parallel recognition. i.e. 1st, 2nd, 3rd cups, and certificates for outstanding achievement in individual areas.


Student Recognition Watch

Each year, we present Michaels watches to over 200 middle school and high school students who are recognized by their principal, guidance and faculty staff for good citizenship and positive contribution to student life. To enroll your school in this program contact Mark Michaels at


Uconn Athletic Scholarships

The Michaels Jewelers Foundation Scholarship Fund has sponsored scholarships to over 250 Scholar / Athletes from the state of Connecticut attending UCONN. Michaels' original gift, celebrating the 100th Year of The University of Connecticut, was at the time, the largest gift of it's kind to the athletic department.


Michaels Jewelers is proud to have made charitable donations to the following organizations in 2017


  • Seven Angels Theater United Way, C.N.V., Inc.

  • United Way of Waterbury

  • American Red Cross (Puerto Rico & Florida Relief Efforts)

  • Connecticut Association of Secondary Schools

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